Meal Plan

Your Daily Dose of Nutrition

KARUKA meals are nutritious which include all food groups. It is designed to support your need to make a lifestyle change. Our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are designed to provide adequate nutrition by the combination of all food groups. KARUKA is rich in antioxidants and has increased amount of Carbohydrates, proteins, and fibre.

Our lunch packs do not exceed the calorie needs. A balanced diet should ideally contain 45-65% carbohydrates, 20-35% fats and 10-30% proteins. Each macro-nutrient has a definite role in the body. Calorie requirement for an average adult is about 1500-1800. The total calorie is conveniently divided into 4-5 equal parts: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.

  • We innovate salads to bring taste and variety
  • Less oil, no trans fats, ghee, cheese, etc.; but tasty
  • We use safe vegetables and fruits
  • Fresh and quality ingredients
  • Meals are cooked in rice bran oil or olive oil
  • We assure new menu everyday, ensuring hygienic and healthy cooking process

Personalised Nutrition Programme

If you have any specific health goals such as lose weight, gain weight, gain muscles, we have meals ready for such needs.

What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat? Our nutritionists will help you in designing a healthy meal plan specific to your goals. We will guide you in taking a more scientific and systematic way to achieve your goals.

Get your customized menu available after initial free consultation
with Dr. Anitha Mohan

Food for Health

Body Mass Index (BMI)

We have 3 meal plans that are healthy, heart friendly, and calorie controlled, which help weight management. Let's know your height, weight, lifestyle, food preference, and allergies, if any. We have a special nutritionistdesigned menu for your great lifestyle. In short, KARUKA brings you a healthy eating habit.

We use locally available materials to keep the prices down, ensuring high organic levels. Our network of fast distribution of products, which keeps the use of preservatives at minimal level, and centralised quality inspection ensure that only high standard items are served. International technology is used to keep food safe even during the transit and storage.


Nobody can compromise Health, Taste and Lifestyle. What makes a better lifestyle is good health and great taste. That's what KARUKA, a product of Grano Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is all about. It is true that our fast food culture will stay here for long and so is our junk food addiction. And it is the time to discard the fast and junk food choices with equally delicious healthy food.

KARUKA is revolutionizing the food habit. It is hygienic, preservative free, less oily, devoid of artificial flavours, colorants, and toxic ingredients.

KARUKA's goal is to help our customers achieve and maintain healthy living. Our food is both affordable and delicious and make our customers dietary goals sustainable.

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