Karuka- Eat Right

Why Karuka

Nobody can compromise Health, taste and LIFESTYLE. What makes a better lifestyle is good health and great taste. That's what KARUKA, a product of Grano Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is all about.

It is true that our fast food culture will stay here for long and so is our junk food addiction. And now is the time to discard the fast and junk food choices with equally delicious health food.

KARUKA is revolutionizing the food habit. It is hygienic, preservative free, less oily, devoid of artificial flavours, colorants, and toxic ingredients.

KARUKA's goal is to help our customers achieve and maintain healthy living. Our food is both affordable and delicious and make our customers dietary goals sustainable.

Food Philosophy

To us, nurturing bright minds starts with fuelling active bodies. We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality food made with carefully selected ingredients.

We believe in food that tastes good: the food that promotes growth and development. It is totally free of fructose, corn syrup, artificial colours and sweeteners.

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